Does your Dad Drink too much?
Where is our Son tonight?
Our Daughter seems to party too much.

Invest in Life without an Alcohol Related Financial Problem

Abusing alcohol can lead to a number of issues ranging from moderate to serious severity. One of these is the arrival of an alcohol related financial problem. Independent living is hard enough for a sober person - having to deal with payments all the time and trying to make ends meet is a constant issue for most people, especially during these trying times. However, having these same problems in addition to an alcohol problem can prove to be overwhelmingly challenging.

Even the most financially stable can experience an alcohol related financial problem, and fall bankrupt to the true price of alcohol and alcohol addiction. Not only do they have to pay to support their habit - going out to clubs, throwing parties and buying countless bottles of alcohol - but alcoholics also tend to forego their responsibilities, become unreliable at the office and allow bills to pile up. In addition, the more they're they are not dealt with, the more home and car maintenance costs, rent and mortgage payments increase staggeringly.

To add insult to injury, even recovery from alcoholism costs money. Rehabilitation is costly, especially for a family that is already financially strained. Rehab does not make any guarantees of recovery. It won't work unless the person with the alcohol problem has the love and support enough to live every day sober. In the end, the investment does not pay out if the patient does not strictly follow the program. However, it's a small price to pay for a life won back from alcoholism and a life free of an alcohol related financial problem. can help deal with the emotional, physical and financial difficulties that a friend or loved one with an alcohol problem can both experience and impart upon others. Learn how to determine the presence of alcoholism, and what to do about it at

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August 13,2009

Alcohol problem symptoms are of varying degrees. Family members usually can tell if a loved one is having drinking problems from its early signs. If the person continues drinking, he or she may develop signs of alcohol abuse or alcoholism.
The effects of alcohol problems depend on the severity of a person's alcohol use. Alcoholism may take its toll on a person's physical, mental and social health, and may even result in death.
The alcohol problem in America is more serious than most of us realize. Based on a recent study, millions of Americans were found to be using alcohol and drugs to gain comfort and temporarily escape their stressful conditions. While alcohol is not the sole "pain-killer" in the US today, it remains the most accessible and legal means of escape.