Does your Dad Drink too much?
Where is our Son tonight?
Our Daughter seems to party too much.

The Far-Reaching Effects of Partying Too Much

Partying too much is one of the most prevalent causes of any alcohol problem. For most people, alcohol dependency starts there. In certain social gatherings, alcohol comes easily, and drinking becomes acceptable behavior. But when done with a lack of control, drinking and partying excessively can have far-reaching effects.

Drinking does not have to happen at home to affect family life, and it does not have to happen in the work place to affect jobs and careers. In most cases, too much drinking at parties can help create an alcohol problem that extends even into homes and offices.

Any person who enjoys partying too much is more likely to have chronic hangovers. Drinking socially to excess can result in a feeling of sickness the day after, and this can naturally cause the employee to be absent for work, show up at the office late or leave for home early. Because he or she is tired and hung over, this person also performs poorly and impairs the productivity of the work place.

Additionally, partying too much can have markedly harmful effects on a once-harmonious family life. When a person drinks heavily at parties, that person may end up functioning inadequately once he or she is at home. Alcoholics would rather get some rest than actually be with their families. Also, getting upset very easily and being prone to enter into arguments with the kids or spouses can be considered clear symptoms of a burgeoning problem with alcohol.

Even if a person drinks only at parties and other social gatherings, this person can still develop an alcohol problem that is bound to affect his or her career and family. The key to prevent it from happening is to keep drinking in check. In this aspect, can help you. You can act to stop alcohol problems even before they invade every aspect of your life.

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August 13,2009

Alcohol problem symptoms are of varying degrees. Family members usually can tell if a loved one is having drinking problems from its early signs. If the person continues drinking, he or she may develop signs of alcohol abuse or alcoholism.
The effects of alcohol problems depend on the severity of a person's alcohol use. Alcoholism may take its toll on a person's physical, mental and social health, and may even result in death.
The alcohol problem in America is more serious than most of us realize. Based on a recent study, millions of Americans were found to be using alcohol and drugs to gain comfort and temporarily escape their stressful conditions. While alcohol is not the sole "pain-killer" in the US today, it remains the most accessible and legal means of escape.