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Symptoms of an Alcohol Problem in Intimate Relationships

Different issues may arise because of an alcohol problem. In intimate relationships, if one party is experiencing trouble controlling alcohol intake, complications may ultimately lead to separation.

Lack of Communication

The problem with alcohol often starts with a drink or two to relax after a stressful workday. It may progress to increased intake to help with sleeping patterns. Eventually, in a couple, interaction may become limited to discussing insistent matters rather than actually being involved with each other's lives. In addition, apparent changes in behavior may also be observed and may result in conflict. Communication at this point is vital and may prevent the person from becoming totally dependent on alcohol.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sans the need to explain, it's understood that sexual satisfaction is vital in a healthy intimate relationship, and sexual dysfunction is its antithesis. Erectile dysfunction is perhaps the most common form of sexual dysfunction, but alcohol is known to affect both men and women. Alcohol has properties that lessen the hydration of the body. When this happens, sperm and semen production is lessened in men, while dryness and discomfort in the genitals may be experienced by women. Both cases may lead to decreased arousal and sexual desire.

Domestic Violence

Alcohol also affects the functions of the brain. When not in the right frame of mind, people easily do things that they later regret. An alcohol problem in intimate relationships is the cause of many cases of domestic violence and subsequent divorces. Alcoholism may lead to these things, so it is crucial to determine if one's partner is indeed a problem drinker. With that need in mind, we at have devised a confidential, comprehensive questionnaire.

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August 13,2009

Alcohol problem symptoms are of varying degrees. Family members usually can tell if a loved one is having drinking problems from its early signs. If the person continues drinking, he or she may develop signs of alcohol abuse or alcoholism.
The effects of alcohol problems depend on the severity of a person's alcohol use. Alcoholism may take its toll on a person's physical, mental and social health, and may even result in death.
The alcohol problem in America is more serious than most of us realize. Based on a recent study, millions of Americans were found to be using alcohol and drugs to gain comfort and temporarily escape their stressful conditions. While alcohol is not the sole "pain-killer" in the US today, it remains the most accessible and legal means of escape.